Best HTML Editors For Web Developers: How to code in HTML


Ideally what HTML editor should have following things which makes them the best editor for HTML coding.
  1. A spell checker
  2. Line numbers
  3. Auto-complete
  4. page preview 
  5. A visual and text editor
It’s important to find one that fits the task at hand.I have listed some of them here,

HTML editor


CoffeeCup is an all-around HTML editor offering full editing powers on any website within a test environment.

Key features:

– Click preview 
– Workflow for adding Structured Data 
– Create new HTML or CSS files or use pro templates 
– Split-screen preview 
– Add up to 10 different browsers 
– Code completion

Available on Windows
Cost: Free trial and $69 (£47.80) after that.


EditPlus offers a Windows-based HTML editor for web developers. This is a great alternative to Notepad.

Key features:

– Web browser for previewing HTML pages

– Syntax highlighting

– HTML toolbar 

– Line number

– URL highlighting
– Auto-completion
– Spell checker

Available on Windows
Cost: 1 license is $35 (£30.76)

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is recognized as an advanced HTML editor available on numerous operating systems.

Key features

– Multiple selections
– Command palette
– Split editing
– Plug-in API
– Instant project switch
– UI toolkit

Available on Windows, Linux and OS X
Cost: $70 (£61.55)

Notepad ++

Notepad ++ offers a simple but powerful source code editor that supports HTML and other popular languages. 

Key features:

– Syntax highlighting

– Syntax folding

– Auto-completion
– Multi-view
– Multi-document
– Macro recording and playback
Available on Windows
Cost: Free

HTML Online

HTML Online, as the name suggests, is an online-only HTML editor. It offers simple HTML editing without the need to register or download any software.

Key features:

– Interactive source editor
– HTML cleaning
– Word to HTML conversion
– Find and replace
– Lorem-Ipsum generator
– Table to DIV conversion

Cost: 79 (£62.20)


NoteTab is an award-winning HTML editor, offering a streamlined editing experience.

Key features:

– Drag-and-drop code snippets
– HTML toolbar
– Insert code snippets using the keyboard
– Syntax highlighting
– Text editor

Available on Windows
Cost: 30-day free trial and €39.95 (£31.45) per license


Atom is a free open source text and source code editor that supports HTML and othe programming for MacOS, Linux and Windows.
Key features:
  • Package Installer
  • Simple drag-and-drop text
  • Fuzzy finder
  • Text editor
  • Project manager
Cost: Free
Try-out these HTML Editors for your better experience while coding.
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Best HTML Editors For Web Developers: How to code in HTML

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