Divine Inspiration : Divine Grip

Inspiration of 11 Aug 2016 


Divine Grip :

Rathin Raval, a satsangi youth, told Swamishri, “At 86 years a person loses his physical grip over things. The strong grip that a young person has cannot be so for an old person.”
Swamishri confirmed Rathin’s words and replied, “You are right. An old person cannot have a strong grip.”
Rathin continued, “But at 86 years you should loosen your grip over your divine powers.”
Swamishri smiled at Rathin’s words and replied, “I have not had any grip or hold over anything. The only grip I have is of God, Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj.”
The Gunatit Sadhu is firmly in rapport with God and holds him in the highest esteem and faith.

( 10 June 2007, Chicago )

Vachnamrut Gems : Gadhadã II-16

“… Therefore, the only means to overcome the desires for the panchvishays is to follow the niyams prescribed by God…”

Divine Inspiration : Divine Grip

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