Divine Inspiration : Overcoming The Senses And Mind

Divine Inspiration ( 10 Aug’ 2016 )


Overcoming The Senses And Mind

Swamishri asked a youth named Niraj, “Who do you belong to?”
Niraj replied instantly, “Swami, I am yours.”
Then later on, after some contemplation, the youth confessed to Swamishri, “I belong to my senses and mind. Very often I succumb to them. Tell me what I should do to overcome them.”
Swamishri replied, “Contemplate on the spiritual association and benefit you get daily, and also ponder upon the fact that you are atma.”
The youth replied, “I contemplate that Pramukh Swami is my atma.”
Swamishri answered, “That is alright, but the fact is that you get overwhelmed (by your senses and mind). For this, believe that you are atma and gradually you will overcome (the material inclinations of your senses and mind).
Swamishri taught the youth the Upanishadic truth to realize that he is atma to overcome the influences of his senses and mind.

( 26 May 2007, Dar-es-Salaam )

Divine Inspiration : Overcoming The Senses And Mind

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