Eva Mara swami…Remember those days…




( when Bapa used to come to Mumbai, staying here 3-4 days & more )
everybody from Morning starts coming to Temple, swamibapa’s walking darshan, Bapa used to walk like a Bullet – so fast & Energetic.
Bapa while doing Puja – So much attention into puja, we should learn this concentration from Him.
Doing snacks – No interest in food at all & listening to everything which will be performed at that time.
Bapa giving darshan to everyone according to Queue, but sign of tiredness at all
” Eva mara swami… “

Now, swamibapa is not that much Energetic but he Knows everything. at this age also when we do darshan at Sarangpur – its like we came to HEAVEN  and we have got a deep peace from heart. 

So believe in Him- everything will be Alright 

Eva Mara swami…Remember those days…

by Govind Parmar time to read: 1 min