Gmail Go for Android Go phones launched in India, Available on Google Play Store

 According to India Today, For those who use a smartphone with 1 GB or lower RAM, its time for you to rejoice as Google brings a lighter version of the existing Gmail application called the Gmail Go to India. The Gmail Go app is designed specifically for the Android Go phones users and is now available for downloaded from Google Play Store. However, it is noteworthy that the toned down version of the regular Gmail app, aka Gmail Go, is currently available only for the web users, and listed on Google Play store app mobile version yet.
Android Go phones will soon be a reality in India. Google is already working with several smartphone manufacturers in India to bring 1 GB RAM phones with Android Go — an operating system designed for entry-level devices. Android Go OS is meant for smartphones with 1 GB of RAM or lower as it comes with a re-worked set of apps such as Google Go, YouTube Go, and Gmail Go. These Go applications are stripped down to work efficiently on phones with low memory and storage space, similar is the case with Gmail Go.

The new Gmail Go app is basically the lighter version of the original app, but interestingly provides nearly the same experience as the regular Gmail app. Gmail Go APK size is much smaller, around 9.51MB, compared to the original Gmail app which is as big as 20.66MB. The size of the app, as reported by Android Police goes up to 24.80MB as opposed to 47.28MB for the regular app. So, Gmail Go is nearly half in size than the regular Gmail app that we have been using for the past so many years.

The Go version of Gmail app works a lot like the original Gmail app, and also comes with some additional features and also some cosmetic or design changes here and there. The Gmail Go app comes with smart inbox feature, which basically segregates emails and shows the important emails first. It basically displays the messages from friends and family first, while social and promotional emails are categorized neatly for when you have time.

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The app also comes with a feature that blocks spam before it hits your inbox. It basically keeps you away from spam emails and in turn, your account stays safe and clutter free. Gmail Go comes with 15 GB of free storage, this takes away the headache of deleting emails to save space. With Gmail Go, you can receive email notifications just like the original Gmail app. Interestingly, via Gmail Go you can both read and respond both online & offline and also find messages quickly with a powerful search engine. You can also set up multiple accounts on Gmail Go, it basically lets you set up both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses —, Yahoo Mail, or other IMAP/POP email.

Overall, the Gmail Go interface looks almost exactly like the main app — there’s the multi-select option, and then there’s also swipe gestures available. Because it is the lighter version of the original Gmail app, opening an email loads the entire content, including images pretty fast. Lastly, Gmail Go has launcher app shortcuts as well which will let you straight away jump to any of your account inboxes or composing a message.

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Gmail Go for Android Go phones launched in India, Available on Google Play Store

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