PlayStation Network is down around the globe

Sony’s PlayStation Network is currently experiencing a global outage. On the PlayStation Network status page, every service except PlayStation Video is marked as experiencing issues.

Tens of thousands of users are reporting issues with PlayStation Network as shown by DownDetector, where Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Rocket League and many other games are all seeing spikes in user reports as well. We’re seeing reports in a wide variety of languages on Twitter, and PlayStation Japan has officially confirmed the outage as well.

Multiple publishers, including Bethesda and Fortnite maker Epic Games, have posted tweets alerting players about the outage.

Two of us here at The Verge were having trouble playing games on PlayStation Now. Oddly, though, I was able to hop into a Fortnite match, a colleague was able to play Destruction AllStars, and my editor was able to download content without issues.


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PlayStation Network is down around the globe

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