Sony is now part-owner of Evo, the most prestigious fighting game tournament

Sony and RTS, a new venture from Endeavor’s esports business, have acquired the prestigious Evo fighting game tournament through “a joint venture esports partnership.”

“Fighting games have been a vital part of PlayStation’s legacy and our community since the very beginning, and we’ve been thrilled to partner with Evo over the years,” Steven Roberts, VP of global competitive gaming at Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in a press release. “This joint acquisition with RTS marks a new chapter of collaboration with Evo’s co-founders, Tom and Tony Cannon, and their passionate community of fighting game fans.”

Tom and Tony Cannon also shared a message to the Evo community regarding the acquisition. “The new partnership is committed to bringing amazing tournaments and competitive gaming experiences back to you this year and beyond,” they said.

The organizations also announced that Evo will be back this year as Evo Online, a virtual fighting game competition happening from August 6th through 8th and August 13th through 15th. Players can compete in tournaments for Guilty Gear Strive, Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, and Tekken 7.

Last year, Evo was scheduled to take place online in the summer because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was canceled after co-founder and president Joey Cuellar was accused of sexual misconduct.

“We want to reaffirm that harassment or abuse of any kind has no place within Evo or any of our future events, and we’re taking every precaution to make sure members of our community will always be treated with the respect, dignity and decency you deserve,” the Cannons said in their statement.


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Sony is now part-owner of Evo, the most prestigious fighting game tournament

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