Trust IRIS for a whole new way to video

The last twelve months have changed the way we live and work in a huge number of ways – but when it comes to the latter, one of the most striking changes has been the growth of video conferencing.

Tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom have revolutionised the way remote workers stay in touch, allowing colleagues to talk and collaborate in real time, just like they would in the office.

However these offerings often fall prey to the same issues that have plagued home workers for years – as poor connections, fiddly set-up and compatibility problems can often mean video calls are more hassle than help. Fortunately there’s a new way of video conferencing that looks to do away with all these worries and truly bring in a new era of communication for this new way of working.

(Image credit: Trust Iris)

Trust IRIS is a new plug & play video conferencing solution that looks to provide quality calling solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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Trust IRIS for a whole new way to video

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